Miss London Lix – Beat It

Miss London Lix - Beat It

Are you ready to do something REALLY exciting today? Are you ready to get weaker and submit harder than you ever have before? Do you want to have your heart racing days later, just at the thought of what you’re about to do for me? Good.
You know findom is an addiction, right? You know you just have to keep getting wilder and wilder, losing more and more control to get that same rush. I’m here to guide you through seeking out that adrenaline today, in this perfect shiny bikini mindfuck. All you have to do is stare at my goddess body, my big tits and my tight ass, and listen to my sultry voice guide the way to ecstasy. Soon your money will be with it’s rightful owner; ME. Is it bringing you pleasure sat in boring bank accounts, stuck on worthless plastic? No. It brings you pleasure and an adrenaline thrill like you’ve never experienced before when you blow it on me though. You know what you have to do.

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