Miss London Lix – Burning at both ends

Miss London Lix - Burning at both ends

Hi painslut! Let’s hope that term applies to you at least a little bit, because we’re going to have some CBT instruction fun today. Many of you know that my academic background is in neurophysiology. There’s little I *don’t* know about neurons, neural connections and how to fuck with them, and today I’m using my knowledge for evil 😉 I explain to you a curious way in which some of our skin and mucous membrane nerve endings operate, and how I’m going to exploit this to make for an interesting, painful, and erotic CBT, anal play and edging session. You will need a piece of fresh ginger (yes, we’re going to be figging), a kn!fe, some icy hot or similar, and a butt plug or dildo. NO lube. You’ll be slapping your cock and balls, fucking your ass, and stroking your cock a LOT. With plenty of unique lashes of pain mixed in. Think you’ll be able to cum?! Ha…good luck!


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