Miss London Lix – Cuckolding You – Worship Your Alpha Couple

Miss London Lix - Cuckolding You – Worship Your Alpha Couple

I know you have cuckold fantasies. Sometimes the thought of being able to jerk off whilst watching my alpha stud boyfriend fuck me creeps into your mind and it is SO humiliating…and so HOT. I want to make sure you fully appreciate the degrading, debasing nature of being my cuckold, though. So today, before you are allowed your reward of watching me writhing around in the pleasure only my real man can provide, you must worship my alpha. You’re going to be stroking with his muscular body and long thick cock right on the screen next to me, viscerally experiencing your utter inferiority. You’re going to view images of me on his arm, knowing I wouldn’t be seen d34d in public with you. By the time you’re ready to explode as you watch me take his perfect cock deep, you’ll be completely stripped of your self-esteem, just as a true cuck should be. And if you want to cum today, it’s not going to be to the image of me at all; it’s going to be as you worship my boyfriend’s cock. Don’t worry, I’ll be there to hold your hand & encourage you to humiliate yourself deeper than you ever have before, cuckie.

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