Miss London Lix – Fantasy Beats Reality

Miss London Lix - Fantasy Beats Reality

Why do you keep coming back? Why can’t you break this cycle of clip buying & jerking? It’s very simple: fantasy beats reality. Everyone knows it. ‘Real life’ is pretty dull for most of you, and everyone has their vices. Some people gamble, some people drink, other take d.r ugs. Some people rot their brains in front of the television & others rot their teeth through their sugar addiction. Masturbation is your vice, and I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to escape to your fantasy land. So come right in, take the plunge and stroke yet again, to your fantasy woman, Wifey doesn’t dress up like this. That random fuck you had doesn’t dirty talk like this. That’s right; I know exactly what you need, and you know that you want it; BAD. Escape reality. Come jerk to your fantasy.

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