Miss London Lix – First Time Cum Eater CEI

Miss London Lix - First Time Cum Eater CEI

If you’re watching clips like this, I’m going to assume you’re a bit of a jerkaholic. That you’ve been sucked into the world of femdom porn, and probably dabbled in all number of fetishes and fucked up acts by now. But even the most extreme little jerkers typically have forgone one thing: eating your own cum. Cum eating doesn’t need to be hard, and I want to show you that. Let me strip you of your cum eating virginity today. Wouldn’t that be so hot, to do it for the first time, for me? I’m going to get you really worked up as you stroke to my shiny outfit, hot cleavage and big tits. Then you’re going to assume the loser position and make me proud by eating your cum on my cum countdown!
The final sacrifice, a real, tangible, physical proof of your submission. You like seeing your own vulnerability and weakness for me. Let’s see it in the form of your jizz in your mouth!

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