Miss London Lix – Mindless Wallet Zombie – Hypnosis Spending Trance

Miss London Lix – Mindless Wallet Zombie – Hypnosis Spending Trance

Welcome to your safe space, a space where you can relax, a place where you relinquish power to me. You love being here, it feels so good. Take some nice deep breaths and follow them down, deep down. You’re getting so relaxed for me. I want you to feel free to stroke for me. I’m going to be taking on a journey of release, release of your cum and of your cash. It will feel so good to completely empty yourself. You will the arousal of a drain, draining your cash, draining your cum. This feeling is overwhelming. It feels good to be emptied so that wallet becomes nothingness. It’s exhilarating, your heart is beating faster, you can feel it right now? Your blood is pumping to fast, your heart is racing. Yet these feelings bring you deeper into a state of relaxation. As you hear my voice you fall deeper, your body sinking deeper.

Your hand begins to move automatically on your cock, slowly stroking it up and down, until you enter a blissful edging state. And as you do, just stare at my beauty as you listen to my soothing voice. You feel so good right now. You are in a state of complete relaxation, you have become my mindless puppet. You are a jerking zombie for me. You can’t help but robotically jerk, jerk, jerk. And soon you will spend, spend spend. Click on my tribute button, watch your money disappear. Let it go. Feel that rush. Release that cash knowing that it’s coming to me. And that makes you feel so good. It feels so good to spend. Each time you click, each time you tribute, you fall deeper and deeper. You become the mindless jerking puppet you know that you are.

Your body is tingling with anticipation, waiting to pay again. Because each click, takes you deeper. Pay again. Click. Feel it. Feel your cock twitch as you become a wallet in a state of euphoria. The more you spend the deeper you go, the more pleasure you achieve, let’s go deeper. The more you click those tribute buttons, the harder your cock becomes. Click it. Go deeper my little zombie. Jerk, edge, click, bliss.. You love this. The more you spend the better you feel. Edge, spend, feel it. You’re so lost, in spending trance. But if feels so good. You don’t want to stop. Nothing else feels this good.

You will remain in this state. You may wish to spend more, you may wish to spend hours and hours jerking to this on repeat in an endless jerking cycle. You’re my mindless, jerking wallet.

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