Miss London Lix – Nurse Teases Your Tiny Penis

London Lix - Nurse Teases Your Tiny Penis

You’ve come for a routine sexual health screening but things are about to get very embarrassing. I (your sexy nurse) find your weenie absolutely fascinating, angry and bratty about the fact that you can’t get fully hard, even in my presence. I muse about what your dates must be like, if you’ve ever even had one, and am far from professional when it comes to talking about your tiny dick. You’d think as a nurse I’d have seen it all before, but that micropenis is a whole other level of pathetic. I laugh at your small cock, point and giggle, and humiliate you over how I’m going to share this laugh with my female colleagues. You need to produce a sperm sample for me, and the more I mock your cock, the more aroused you seem. So go ahead, maggot dick, see if you can squeeze out a teaspoon of cum for me…

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