Miss London Lix – Recklessly Blackmailing You To A Mind Blowing Orgasm

Miss London Lix – Recklessly Blackmailing You To A Mind Blowing Orgasm

You’re a real perverted, twisted loser, aren’t you? Not only do you waste your whole life jerking off to videos like this, of girls like me, but you also fantasize about being exposed for it. That’s right, did your dick twitch when I mentioned that? I know it did. Do you fantasize about being blackmailed? I want you to jerkoff to that thought.

I want you to wank thinking about someone as hot as me, holding your dirtiest, darkest secrets. I know it turns you on so much to think about giving that information to me, but it turns you on even more to think about me using that information recklessly. Using it to drain you of more of your cash, using it to get even more information out of you. I know your trembling, your cock is twitching.

And I’m sure you have incriminating photos of yourself, either eating cum, or with something up your ass, or in panties, or perhaps with something written on your body. I know you have these photos because the idea of being blackmailed, exposed, turns you on so much. Keep jerking, keep thinking about sending me these photos. It gives you such an uncontrollable rush! You’re such a loser. You’re so weak, so stupid. You’ll do anything to get your fix. You need it blackmail junkie.

There are so many ways I could ruin you, so many ways I could fuck with your life. And every time I talk about it you get harder and harder. Stroke and get hornier and hornier at the thought of me ruining you because if you haven’t sent anyone some pictures, I want you to send me some before you cum. As soon as you are about to click send your hand will start stroking so fast. Your heart will be racing. And when you hit send, oh what a rush you will feel! And along with the pictures, I want some email addresses of some very important people to you.

Sometimes I even wonder if it’s worth blackmailing a loser like you. I mean, do you really have anyone in your life that gives that much of a fuck about you? But then I realize everyone has someone who they’d be embarrassed in front of, even a loser like you. I don’t care who it is, I’m a spoiled bitch and I’ll do anything to get what I want. You love it. You love my greed, you love my power.

Now get yourself to the edge loser. I know you’re so close. Get ready to send those pictures. You love being a weak, blackmailed loser for a Princess like me. So do it. And when you hit send you’re going to cum so fucking hard!

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