Miss Mikaela Witt – After The Nightclub

Miss Mikaela Witt - After The Nightclub

You are so lucky that I chose you to come home with me tonight. I mean I could have any guy in the entire place and I picked you. Look at you, pretty excited I bet! I know you are here because you want to wank that cock for me. Ill let you but only on one condition, you are going to lick up all of that cum up for me. Thats right little bitch, you are going to lick it all up. I know you have thought about it, or even attempted it. You cum in your hand and smell that spunk, stick your tongue out and get it close and pussy out like the little bitch you are. Not today loser! You are going to slurp that cum up and thank me for it! Now jerk that cock! Think about how good its going to feel to blow that load for me. Think about how much you worship the ground I walk on just because I’m out of your league. You are like a speck of dirt on the floor compared to me. Worship these tits and stroke! Get ready my bitch! Faster and faster. Squeeze those balls tight for me! Get ready bitch, open that mouth! Lick it up cunt and smile and thank me for the privilege of lapping up your own cum for me! – Mikaela

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