Miss Mikaela Witt – Under my thumb

Miss Mikaela Witt - Under my thumb

Oh, I didnt know you were around today! How are you baby? Why else are you here? You like me, well I like you too but you know we have been friends for ages. It would be so wrong of us; I see the way you look at me. Well lets try something. Its ok if there isnt any touching so sit on your hands. This way its perfectly acceptable. No, dont touch me! Sit on those hands!! I know how bad you want to touch yourself or me but you cant! It has to be this way! Mmm its making my pussy throb, I love this! You knew I would be here in my bikini chilling by the pool. It will be our little secret. Its so exciting. I bet your cock wants to explode so bad! This is so fun, I bet you want these tits in your mouth dont you. Mmm Im just going to touch myself while you sit there on your hands wanting me so bad! Thats it! Let me see that cock, grab it out for me and wank it! Mmmm thats it. This will be our dirty little secret, get ready to cum for me! Now cum on these tits of mine. Thats it! Now dont forget, dont tell anyone! – Mikaela

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