Miss Mikaela Witt – Watch and Learn

Miss Mikaela Witt - Watch and Learn

Its been great watching your transformation, I am very pleased with your progress but I want to take it another step further. You are going to be a full proper certified sissy! What do you think one of the last steps will be, huh loser? What do you think those lips of yours are for, that’s right, sucking cock. I am going to teach you exactly how you should suck one. Those nice huge cocks with pulsing veins that Goddesses like myself love oh so much, huge cocks that fill our throats and make us gag. They make our pussys drip uncontrollably. The first step in this lesson is balls. Yes those big round things that hold all that cum, put them in your mouth and suck on them. Fondle them with your hands. Then work your way to the cock and lick up and down, tease the head. Put your mouth around it and take it in right down your sissy throat. Make eye contact to; make sure he knows you love it and that you are a huge whore! The best part, you’ll love every second of it! – Mikaela

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