Miss Noel Knight – BBC Mind Fuck

Miss Noel Knight - BBC Mind Fuck

In this mesmerize clip, I lull you into a deep trance. You think this is simply a relaxation tra3ce – one that will help you let go off all your stress and give you a nice hard orgasm. After all, nothing releases tension like a good cum. So, you willingly place your delicate psyche in my hands. Of course, once I’ve invaded your weak little brain, it become clear that I have less than benevolent intentions. I pull out one of your deepest, darkest fantasies turn it into an all-out obsession. I’m talking about big, black cock! You’re going to salivate over the thought of massive black dick. You will crave cum. You will need to suck balls and choke on gargantuan man meat. You won’t even be able to cum without big black in your holes once I’m done with you. I’m fucking your mind and screwing you over!

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