Miss Noel Knight – Chained Into Diapers

Miss Noel Knight - Chained Into Diapers

I call you in for your daily diaper check and discover that you have discarded your pull-ups and are wearing big boy underpants. Mommie is very disappointed in you, young man! You know youre prone to have little accidents and Mommie is sick and tired of cleaning up your messes. When I strip you down and clean you up and find out the reason you’ve decided to forgo your diapers. It seems Mommie’s little boy has been playing with his little dick. You know only Mommie is allowed to do that. I milk you to an orgasm roughly before slavering your cock and balls in icy hot. I bet that will keep you from getting a little stiffy! I put you in a diaper and heavy plastic pants before pulling out a long length of steel chain. I tell you that I can’t trust you to keep your diapers on, so from now on, Mommie will be chaining you into you diapers. Every Morning, Noon and Night, I’ll be locking you! And only Mommie will have the key…

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