Miss Noel Knight – Gender Alteration

Miss Noel Knight - Gender Alteration

I am a world renowned plastic surgeon and you and your girlfriend have come into see me to discuss a series of unique surgeries. She’s been showing you photos over the last few months of sexy women with large breasts, big asses and plump lips in order to ascertain what you find most appealing. You believe your girlfriend loves you so much she is willing to alter her physical appearance drastically in order to become the perfect woman for you. You are absolutely shocked when it’s you I inject in a sleeping serum. I take you into my OR and begin the extreme procedure while you drift often into oblivion. When you wake up, you find that Ive turned you into a female! You have tits, hips and pretty pink pussy. You see, your girlfriend didn’t want to change – she wanted *you* to change. You look like the hottest porn star that ever lived and I’m sure you’ll get used to your new, womanly body in no time!

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