Miss Noel Knight – Leather Glove Beat Down

Miss Noel Knight - Leather Glove Beat Down

You’ve applied to be my personal slave, but it seems you have more interest in jerking your cock than actually serving me. I’m so sick of little wannabe slave like you. I think I need to teach you what happens when your cross a truly dominant woman. I slip on a pair of sexy, black leather gloves and proceed to give you the beating of your life. I don’t stop until you’re a bruised and broken mess on my floor, begging for mercy. Unfortunately for you, I’m all out of mercy and patience. I decided to end your miserable existence. Maybe this will serve as an example to all the other boys that might dare to offer me inadequate service. I wrap my hands around your throat tightly. You are too weak from the beating I gave you to fight me. You can only lay there and cry while I squeeze the life out of you.

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