Miss Noel Knight – Lethal Honeymoon

Miss Noel Knight - Lethal Honeymoon

You are my new husband and lately we haven’t been getting along. I enjoy opulance and have very lavish demands. I’m afriad I may have gotten carried away with the wedding plans. I even made you wait to have sex until after we were officially man and wife. And, of course, there was that little matter of the prenuptial agreement. I’m go glad you saw things my way in the end. Now we’re here, on our honeymoon in a secluded castle by the sea. I’ve decided make it all up to by giving you the hottest, sexiest, honeymoon night ever. I wear sexy lingerie and show off my curvy body in a tempting striptease. You’re so turned on you don’t bat and eye when I decide to try out some kinky bedroom play and wrap my silk stocking around your throat. By the time you realize what’s going on, it’s too late. I’m taking your very breath, you’re very life away! And with no prenuptial agreement in place, every last dime of your fortune will be mine…

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