Miss Noel Knight – Medically Violated

Miss Noel Knight - Medically Violated

You’ve been staying in a medical clinic for the past week and have reported to the nursing staff that you’re having trouble sleeping. They send me, an overworked and under paid intern, in to treat you. I am thrilled and excited when I see that you’re not a nasty old person, but a nice, virile young male. Gleefully, I slip you a medicine that will help you rest – but it also has some interesting side effects. You begin to drift off, too weak to move. Suddenly, I appear, slowly stripping down to my lingerie and telling you how horny I am. I tie you to the bed with restraints and make you lick my pussy before gripping your cock and forcing you to cum hard for me. You wake up; groggy and messy. Was it all a dream? Or were you truly and thoroughly medically violated?

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