Miss Noel Knight – The Replacement Baby

Miss Noel Knight - The Replacement Baby

In this clip, I play your sweet, nurturing girlfriend. I call you in for a very serious chat. You see, my biological clock is ticking. I want to have a baby. All our efforts, however, haven’t been working. Weve had months and months of trying with no success. So, I took a sperm sample without telling you and had it analyzed by a doctor. It seems you’re shooting blanks. You can’t give me a baby! At first I was so upset; I thought we’d have to break up! But then, I decided that if you couldn’t give a baby, you could be my baby! After all, I’m practically your Mommie anyhow. I do everything for it. Of course, I don’t want a grown man for baby so we’ll have to work and regressing back to an infant mindset. Itll be all diapers, bottles, naps and crawling from now on, sweetie! Now, let’s get you out of those big boy cloths and start your new life!

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