Miss Noel Knight – The Ultimate Punishment

Miss Noel Knight - The Ultimate Punishment

You are a prisoner whose has been sentenced to d1e. For the crimes of disrespecting the superior gender, making unwanted advances and insulting a dominant woman, your life is now forfeit. I am the executrix appointed to end your miserable, worthless life and I absolutely love my job. Nothing gives me more pleasure that delivering the ultimate punishment to pathetic little worms like you. I lead you from your cramped, cold cage into the punishment chamber, where I deliver five hundred severe lashes with my whip. After I have reduced to a sobbing mess I place on you a tall wooden block and slip a rope around your neck. I berate you, humiliate you and finally take you out of this world, slowly, with a smile on my face. This clips is a very has a very judicial, capital punishment feel to it. It’s cold. It’s cruel – and it’s one of the hottest executrix videos I’ve shot to date!

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