Miss Noel Knight – Weekly Orgasm For The Cuck

Miss Noel Knight - Weekly Orgasm For The Cuck

I’ve come home from a long day at work to find you – my cuckold husband – waiting patiently for me. You’ve spent all day cooking and cleaning in order to please me. You want to make sure that I’m happy because tonight is the night of your weekly supervised orgasm. Sadly, I’ve denied you permission to cum for several weeks because I don’t think you’ve been working hard enough to please me. So you’re extra horny and absolutely desperate for release. However, I’m still inclined to make you suffer. I tell you all about my day. I even describe the little office quickie I had with my lover. I sucked him cock and let him take my ass. I came all over his cock. I even let him cum inside of me – a yummy treat for you! I make you lick my pussy clean before allowing you to touch yourself. I tease you with my pantyhose while humiliating you for being such a weak male. Finally I give you leave to cum all over my stocking foot. And, of course, you’ll have to clean up your nasty little mess with your tongue…

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