Mistress Deeane – Hypnotic Tease And Denial Brain Meltdown

Mistress Deeane - Hypnotic Tease And Denial Brain Meltdown

The sound of my voice and the slow movements of my body make you more and more addicted. I know how badly you desire to be controlled. Fall under my spell as I intensify your pleasure with each movement of the perfect curves on my body. They control your mind as I control your cock and your orgasms, as I tease and deny you, and you enter into this trance willingly. Fall into my hyp n0 t!c trance, be seduced by my body.

I know you feel it, as I lead you into a deep and powerful trance. I want you to train you to be the perfect slave for my body. Every time you see my body you will crave to put your hands on your cock and stroke for me. Faster and faster, the urge is uncontrollable. And when I take my body away from you, you will stop touching your cock. Look how easily I control your cock.

It’s so easy to control your mind through your cock. Your brain turns on and off each time you start and stop again. Feel your heart beat faster. In this state I can even control the organs in your body. I will leave you teetering on the edge, but you know you need my permission to stroke and even to cum. You want this power in my hands.

I see the weakness in your eyes as you grow more desperate to jerk your cock faster for me. Am I going to allow you to cum? Are you worthy and deserving? Or would you rather stay in this blissful state?

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