Mistress Lynn Pops – Honey we need to talk

Mistress Lynn Pops - Honey we need to talk

Thank you so much for my new sexy outfit babe. I feel so sexy in this latex. Look I know our sex life hasn’t been that great lately… It’s been really hard for me to get off. I just can’t fake it anymore. Your dick is too small for me. I know we are both frustrated over this. That penis pump didn’t do anything for you. Plus I’m getting sick and tired of using those huge dildos to make up for your small cock. It’s just not the same babe. The good news is I have come to a decision. If we want to make this work between us then I need a real big cock in my life. I need another real man in the bedroom. I know this is hard to hear but this is the only way this is going to work. I don’t want to be with anyone else. I want you to be there with me while I get that deep dicking I deserve. It will be great babe and it will save our relationship. I know you only want the best for us. O -SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION – CUCKOLDING –

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