Mistress Lynn Pops – Princess Tax no matter what

Mistress Lynn Pops - Princess Tax no matter what

You know what today is about dont you? Money I know you only make minimum wage at your pathetic job. You have two bosses now. The boss that pays you and the boss that take your money away. Im going to tell you what to do with your money and how much Im going to take of it. I deserve a large princess tax, and you are going to pay me as much as I want. You really should make more though. I will need to see your paychecks and tax returns. I will know exactly how much you make down to the penny. The more you make the more money Im going to take Any left over money I allow you to have, you will spend on humiliating custom videos from me. Maybe if Im feeling nice Ill let you lick the bottoms of my shoes. I could make you my personal shoe whore. Cleaning these heels with only your tongue. Pay up you pathetic loser. Send your Amazon gift card tributes now to MissLynnPops At g mail dot com.

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