Mistress T – Splash It All Over Your Face

Mistress T - Splash It All Over Your Face

This Is Why You Can’t Have A Normal RelationshipMistress T I want you to jerkoff in a glass for me right now. Pause the video. So now you have a glass of cum. It’s probably cooled down and is pretty gross by now. And now you’re going to stroke for me, and you’re not going to be allowed to cum until you’ve poured that cum all over your face. That’s right, you’re gonna cum with your own jizz all over your face. You’re gonna be the bukakke slut. You’re going to give yourself a facial. Sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? So humiliating and degrading. You love these sick little games don’t you? Seems so hot in moment when you’re horny and stroking. You live for this. You love obeying a hot woman, no matter how degrading her commands are. Because you love doing humiliating things to yourself. The more degrading the better. You can’t stop making a fool of yourself. And you love it, I mean look at how hard your cock is right now. Yes, I know it is. Women in real life don’t do this for you. Sex doesn’t do it for you. You need to come here and watch these videos in order to get off. Normal women just don’t get it, they don’t understand what a little sick pervert you are. Stroke for me because I get you. I can see right into your soul. You can’t hide from me. I’m who you come to. You love being humiliated, you’re a junkie, an addict. And there’s no cure for what you have. Therapy won’t help you, you’re in too deep. You can’t undo the damage that you’ve done to yourself. It’s thrilling, isn’t it? You and me, that glass of cold cum, waiting to splash it all over your stupid face. Can you imagine if anyone knew? Can you imagine if anyone saw you pouring cum all over your face and then cumming like that? You sick fuck. You’re about to do exactly that, in just a few short moments you’ll be making an ass of yourself for me, just so you can cum. And you’re going to love every minute of it. And then, once it’s over, you’ll feel deep shame. But you’ll be back again for more, you just can’t help yourself. I want you to taste it too. C’mon my little jerk puppet, stroke it faster. You’re so fucked in the head, this is why you can’t have a normal relationship, because you need cum on your face and in your mouth in order to cum. What kind of girl wants that? So now I’m going to count you down, you like coundowns don’t you? You fucking dork! And when I get to three, I want you to start pouring that cum all over your face. And then you’re going to cum with all that cum all over your face. You fucking idiot! But we’re not done yet. I want you to eat your new load, eat it all up. Really fucking degrade yourself for me, show me how low you can go, fucktard. You’re one sick fuck. Now thank me and then fuck off!

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