Mommy Has To Pee – Dixie Comet

Mommy Has To Pee - Dixie Comet

You’ve been sick all summer and the doctor has finally given you the okay to be out of the house. After a day of running errands, mommy has decided to take you to the amusement park so that you can ride the ride that you’ve been wanting to ride all summer. You finally get in line and it is long and slow but you and mommy just made it cause they closed the ride and you;re the last in line! Mommy is acting a little weird, pacing and holding her tummy. She keeps leaving line to go talk to the ride operator about leaving the line to go to the bathroom but the man tells her no. And every time she comes back to you, she’s even more fidgety…you’re pretty sure she is desperate to use the bathroom. All of a sudden mommy pulls her pants down and starts peeing right there in line! Crying out of embarrassment she tells you not to look and that she is sorry and ashamed but she knows how much riding this ride meant to you.

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