MyLindseyAddiction – Lindsey Leigh – CUM EATING PET FOR LIFE

MyLindseyAddiction - Lindsey Leigh - CUM EATING PET FOR LIFE

There is nothing more erotic than submitting to your mistresses wishes, wants and dreams. I, believe it or not, have not owned a cum eating pet. I mean yes, I have fed men their own cum before. I am sure I have had men who eat their cum maybe once because of a clip I made. I am not talking about these cum addicts. I want a real, hardcore, ride or cum addict. I want to own someone who eats their cum overtime they masturbate. Even if they are hooking up with someone, they save the condom and suck out their cum when their “cleaning up”. I want to create and own a true cum junkie. Someone who loves the taste of cum so much they can not live without it. Someone who jerks off for his delicious cum load not because it “feels good”. I truly want to own a cum pet. I want that cum pet to be you. Are you ready to live the rest of your life under my rule as my cum loving jester?

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