Natalie Wonder – Mommy can Make You Feel all better

Awww honey, you’re not feeling well? I’m so sorry, you know if I could mommy would be sick for you. I hate it when you are hurting. If there is anything I can do to make you feel better baby you just tell me. I will do anything to make you feel better. You know mommy loves you. What’s that you say? Are you sure? Okay, but we have to be careful because your father came home early and he is downstairs in the basement. Okay I’ll start off doing a sexy little dance for you. It will take your mind off that annoying cold you have. Mmmmm, you like how my ass looks in these pants honey? I know how much you love mommy’s ass. I got these pants today, what do you think? They are so smooth and hug just the right places. Here, do you want to touch them? See? They feel so good. Oh honey, I see something starting to poke thru your bedsheets. That must mean you are starting to feel better. I’m going to pull my pants down now and show you my favorite panties. I love black lace, don’t you?Mommy is beginning to get turned on. I feel some wetness coming thru my panties. I’ll show you. Mommy thinks you should put my wet fingers in your mouth and taste it. Good boy, I know you love tasting mommy’s sweet juice. I see you are so hard now. Mommy would love to suck your cock. You will feel so much better, I promise. Now take your cock out for mommy. Yes baby, that is so hot. Mommyis getting so horny now. I can’t wait to wrap my warm mouth around that beautiful cock. Mommy is going to touch her pussy while I suck your cock. I want us to cum together baby. I want us to cum so hard. Are you close to cumming baby? Mommy is really close too. I can tell you are feeling much better already. See? Your mommy is always the best medicine. Remember that, honey. I love making you feel good. Okay honey, let’s cum now. I can’t wait to taste you in my mouth and down my throat. Give it to mommy…good boy, mommy loves you so much..

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