Natasha’s Bedroom – A CEI Predicament

Natasha's Bedroom - A CEI Predicament

This clip is designed for first time cum eaters as well as seasoned cum connoisseurs. I use a sweet and sensual encouraging tone throughout, to gently lure you into eating those sweet, delicious loads for me. I’ll give you extensive post-cum instructions, showing you exactly how to savor and slowly enjoy that delicious cream.

You’re going to cum twice for me today. I’ll slowly and teasingly edge you again and again, working up enormous gobs of semen for you to savor and sweetly instructing you on just how to eat them. You’re going to be eating both loads for me – or will you? I’ll give you an opt-out before each orgasm, a special, filthy cum play task you can complete as an alternative to slurping down that big mouthful of jizz. If you want to get out of eating that load, you’ll have to do something even dirtier with your cum for me.

But you’re not going to take either of my opt-outs. I know exactly how to reach inside your mind and build your hunger for cum to an incomprehensible level. Trust me. I’m good at this.


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