Natasha’s Bedroom – BBC Addiction

Natasha's Bedroom - BBC Addiction

Hers: BBC. Big Black Cock. You’re addicted to it, and who could blame you? It’s the holy grail of dick, a cocksucker’s ultimate fantasy. It’s not gay to fantasize about sucking those big black cocks, one after another, feeling their cum slide down your throat. In fact it’s only natural; everyone fantasizes about sucking those massive, veiny, dark dicks. The men who don’t? They’re just in denial.I’ll sweetly nudge you slide deeper and deeper into the abyss of your BBC addiction. You’ll see how good it feels to let yourself go completely, allowing your obsession with those big black monster cocks take over your mind and your orgasm. See how amazing it is to stroke while I tease you with one massive black cock after another? To edge closer to that orgasmic bliss as I describe your deepest, filthiest cocksucking fantasies? Sit back and stare at my beautiful body and these enormous black cocks as I draw you deeper and deeper and deeper yet into the trap of BBC addiction.

Mine: Natasha is on a couch and uses her tits to entice you to start stroking for BBC. She explains how its not gay, and all white bois do it, so its only natural that you cum to that superior Black Cock.

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