Natasha’s Bedroom – The Surprise Cuckold

Natasha's Bedroom - The Surprise Cuckold

Hers: You come home early, excited to spend some quality time with your wife. But when you walk into the bedroom, you can’t believe your eyes. You see your wife getting fucked, hard, by a man nearly twice your size. She doesn’t even notice that you’re there until you quietly clear your throat.

“Oh hi, honey” she says, unembarrassed. She looks back at the guy fucking her with his big black cock and tells him not to stop. “I wasn’t expected you home so early, but now that you’re here, you might as well watch.” She tells the bull to put it in her ass as you watch in disbelief.

Your wife tells you about the new role you’ll have in her life, explaining that your place from now on will be as her cuckold. You’ll watch her get fucked whenever she desires, and you’ll be tasked with cleanup duty whenever she or one of her bulls demands it. “It’s what a man like you is meant to do,” she tells you as her breath quickens and her body explodes with an orgasm.

“Now I want you to clean off his cock and then lick his virile semen out of my asshole. Hurry up, cuck! He’s just the first of many tonight, so consider this a practice round…”

Mine: Natasha Cucks your sissy white ass and makes you jerk your little dick while you watch her get fucked by a Black Cock…Nuff Said!

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