Obey me loser, become by little bitch

Lady Esme Faye - You're My Bitch Now

You have found your purpose in life, and it’s grovelling at my feet. So get down on all fours loser, like the little bitch you are and start kissing my shoes. That’s right, clean my heels with your tongue. Now we’re going to have a little chat, and try and concentrate as I tease you with my big tits and round peachy ass. I know it’s hard but if you want to be a good bitch you’re gonna have to learn to listen.
Firstly start by jerking your cock slowly, no cumming for you just yet. Now I want you to drink in every word I say, become my little robot as you follow the sway of my hips and the flick of my long hair. Obey me loser, become by little bitch.

Female Domination, Humiliation, Goddess Worship, JOI, Masturbation Instruction

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