Odette Delacroix – Dick Drunk Off BBC 2

Odette Delacroix - Dick Drunk Off BBC 2

Hers-I haven’t seen you in a few days, which is probably a good thing because I definitely needed some time to recover! The way you ram your massive black cock into me has made me sleep for a few days. But, where have you been, anyways? You’ve been seeing my friend? Damn, I should be jealous, but I’m still so dick drunk off of you that I secretly wanted to show you off to my friend anyways. Tell me: did she handle you like I can? Did you fuck her with all your might like you do to me? When my friend called me up after you fucked her so well, she said that your cock changed her life. She said that everything I told her about your sex drive and skills is definitely true. Your big rod must have really torn her a new one! Even thinking about you drilling my friend is starting to turn me on. My tight, black pantyhose are starting to get a wet spot underneath my teal skirt thinking about how you will screw me next. Since I haven’t taken your big black cock in a few days, I may not be able to handle it. I may even pass out from the force of your thrusts. You start to tease me, as I can see your cock growing in your pants. It makes me want to get on my knees and worship your massive python cock. I’d love to wrap my pink lips around it, tasting the great taste of it–I can just taste it now. My pussy is now drooling just as much as my mouth is for you. You’ve just fucked the hell out of me, pulling up my skirt and shoving down my black tights. You just tore me up like never before, reminding me exactly what I’ve been missing. It’s hard to even talk about what just happened, but you can see that my hair is all messed up, my pussy still swollen and wet, and my cheeks a rosy pink color. Your cock is the best and deserves all of my worship. Despite the fact that I’m so tired, I can always take you again because I can never say no to your cock. As i reach down to feel my wetness and then place that finger in my mouth, I can still taste you. You move in closer, getting ready to tear me up again. You will do me up right, won’t you? Right now? I’m fucking ready to go.

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