Princess Ashley – 30 Minute CBT Custom

Goddess Ashley - 30 Minute CBT Custom

Custom clip from Alex – “Can you please make a 30 minute cbt instruction clip where you have me really hurt my balls. Can you please make it like your clip “Custom CBT Instruction Tease & Denial” where you have me hit my balls a certain amount at a time throughout the video (10, 20 etc. up to you.) You can have me punch, slap and hit my balls with wooden spoon and rubber spatula. Make me thank you for allowing me to hurt myself for you. I also have about 20 clothespins you can have me use how ever you want. Also please make me tie up my balls with a string. Please tease me throughout the clip with your perfect tits, ass, and pussy. Please make the clip extremely hard and painful. Be very sadistic. I should be struggling to make it all the way through but I would do anything you tell me. Remind me that I can’t stroke without your permission(if you want to give me permission at any point during the clip, up to you at what time). At the end can you please decide how I get to cum. Do I have to eat it (legs flipped over head), ruin my orgasm(take my hand off my cock right as I cum) or any other cruel way you can decide.

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