Princess Ashley – 5 inches IS small

Princess Ashley - 5 inches IS small

I don’t care if five inches is considered “average” – it’s fucking SMALL! That’s right loser, you DO have a small penis! You always thought you were in the clear, but it’s time you hear the truth – YOU HAVE A SMALL DICK! Hahaha! You are so lucky you have Me and My brutal honesty to set you straight! You are a little-dicked loser and you should be watching SPH clips. You can’t please a woman with that little thing! You are no better off than the losers with 3 and 4 inch dicks. Yours is still TOO SMALL! I would never get near a dick under 7 inches and neither would any of My hot friends. No girl has ever bragged to her friends about the great 5 inch dick she had. 5 inch dicks can’t produce orgasms so you are incapable of getting a woman off! You are a loser with a small dick. Stop hiding behind the “average” label, loser, the truth is out! So glad we had this little chat.

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