Princess Ashley – Rejected Addicted Humiliation Jerk Junkie

Princess Ashley - Rejected Addicted Humiliation Jerk Junkie

You are such a pathetic loser, that you’ll buy this clip, even though I’m fully clothed and you can’t even see my hot little body, and you know how perfect it is, don’t you loser. And you’re so obsessed and addicted to me, that you’ll pay to see me even in a fucking sweat shirt, because I’m still so fucking hot. It’s so sad and pathetic how weak you are for me. I’ve got you so hooked.
You’re a freak. You get off to me calling you a loser. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing. In fact, it’s better when I’m completely denying you, making you feel even more stupid. You’re even turned on by the fact that you’re going to by a clip of me in a sweatshirt, telling you how stupid you are for doing so. So desperate and pathetic for me that you’ll watch this clip of me fully dressed, insulting you and flipping you off. Do you see what a disgusting, addicted, pathetic freak you are for me?

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