Princess Breanna – Poppers Make You So Weak

Princess Breanna - Poppers Make You So Weak

Financial Dominatrix Princess Breanna is one of the best. Her long blonde hair, huge sexy tits, pouty lips, and bratty attitude will have you brainwashed to spend…spend…spend. In this ‘Femdom POV Financial Domination & Forced Intoxication Poppers’ clip she is wearing long black leather gloves and a bra that shows off her huge tits and cleavage. Her demanding sweet voice giving you instructions domineering manner will have you huffing poppers until you can’t think. As you jerk off for her she will convince you that you are her love addicted paypig and you will go on her web site sending her tribute after tribute. No Nudity No Sex

Princess Breanna says:
“You and I both know how weak make you. Once you hear my honey voice and inhale for the first time, everything gets blurry and fuzzy. It feels so good when I tell you to stroke for me while you ride the high. What could possibly go wrong?”

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