Princess Brook – Wanky cum for breakfast

Princess Brook - Wanky cum for breakfast

What a privilege having me to watch while eating your breakfast. You know how boring and miserable your day is gona be. So this little moment with me before you go out the house will be the highlight of your day;) I think you should jerk yourself off for me and make the most of it. Be a good boy and do what i say. Jerk on that small dick of yours and wank to my instruction. I’ll show you my sweet pussy to keep you little dick hard. Now i want you to jerk that cock off into your cereal bowl, all over that cereal. Now take that spoon and feed yourself your hot morning cum. I wana know that you are jerking off staring at my pussy fully knowing you could never get close to anything as good as this, while eating your own cum for breakfast. That sour taste is the taste of shame. The taste that should remind you that you are a loser, a cum eating freak. A sad boy, loner who eats his own cum because a bratty girl like me told you to;) You’ll have that taste in your mouth all day long, a reminder of me, a reminder of your perverted ways.

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