Princess Cherry Vee – Empty Your Mind And Just Stroke

Princess Cherry Vee - Empty Your Mind And Just Stroke

HumiliationPOV welcomes our newest Brat, Miss Cherry Vee! This is a long jerk off instruction clip filled with lots of mindfuckery and visual eye candy!You are only allowed to jerk your cock exactly as I tell you. I’m gonna make you edge your cock for me until we build up a huge load. And you can only cum, when I say so. You got that? Good boy. Now pull out your cock and relax, empty your mind of everything except for here and now. You may only listen to my voice, stare only at my body, and listen carefully to my jerkoff instructions. Are you ready for this loser? I’m going to mindfuck you with my words and my body. And just look at my body, you know you can’t resist, it’s fucking perfect. I know you’re already hard as a rock for me just from looking at my body. Now start gently stroking your cock with one hand while you massage your balls with the other. Just gently tease yourself with the tips of your fingers. Then I want you to run your finger across your perineum. Then I want you to massage your perineum with one hand while you stroke your cock slowly, with me, up and down. Good boy. Stroke your cock for me as you stare at me and fall under my spell. You’re so fucked, I’m manipulating you and you don’t even know it. This is a rare opportunity I’m giving you, allowing you to stroke for me. Now while you’re stroking, I want you to tease your asshole. Don’t put it in, just tease it. Good boy, now jerk it faster for me. You like that don’t you? Yeah, I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard. Keep jerking off while you look at my gorgeous body. It’s so easy to listen and obey. I want you to build up more cum so when you release, it will feel so good. Now get down on all fours like me and jerk it like that. Jerk your pathetic cock for me. I’m going to work you into a fucking frenzy. Now slow down, I don’t want you to cum yet. Watch me and keep pace with me as I show you how fast I want you to jerk it. Faster then slower, faster then slower, teasing and denying you. Yea you love jerking your cock for me, don’t you? Now empty your mind and just stroke. Lose yourself in my words and my body. You wanna cum so badly by now. I know you do. I know how desperate you must be by now, how horny, how stupid. You’re just a mindless stroker for me now. So close now, get yourself right to the edge… Am I going to let you cum? Do you think you deserve to cum for me? Beg me, you desperate fuck, because I don’t think you’re worthy. I mean look at me, should a loser like you be allowed to cum to such perfection?

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