Princess Chloe – Cucks Condom Treat

Princess Chloe - Cucks Condom Treat

British Brat Princess Chloe is on her couch dressed in a hot mini dress and high heels that shows off her big bra clad breasts. You are her beta cuckold slut. She humiliates and mindfucks you, then forces you to eat her alpha boyfriends cum out of the condom they just used while having sex. POV No nudity. No sex.

“Your girlfriend Chloe returns from one her regular sex dates. You have accepted your role as her cuckold boyfriend so sit down ready to listen to her tell you all about her horny sex session but this time she has a surprise for you. Your eyes light up….she has the cum filled condom from her stud. She wants you to taste what a real man can produce. You have never tasted semen before but as you are devoted and wrapped up in love for your cheating girlfriend you will do anything she orders.

She wants to tell you all about the sex she has just had, comparing you to her stud. Making fun of your pathetic ways and embarrassing excuse of manhood. Bragging about the horny fuck she just had just makes her want more. You are irrelevant to her. Your only use being her walking wallet and humiliation slut. Making her laugh as her little pay puppet and degrading yourself daily is the only you can get an ounce of her attention.

Your hot, powerful girlfriend wants you to worship real mans cum. Something your maggot cock never has and never will produce….open wide cucky!”

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