Princess Ellie Idol – GULP YOUR OWN CUM

Princess Ellie Idol - GULP YOUR OWN CUM

Former porn star turned dominatrix/humiliatrix/findom Princess Ellie Idol mindfucks you to do her bidding in her POV CEI clips. She is always gorgeous as she wears a sexy revealing lacy dress. Her beauty and sweet girlish voice and teasing manner will memsmerize you until you are on your back sucking your own dick for this young sexy Domme. No Sex. No nudity.

Princess Ellie Idol says:
“Hey boy! There’s a rumor going around that you’re pretty….hmm…flexible? I heard this….I heard you can suck yourself off! Show me! I wanna see how you suck your own cock! I want to see you take a load into your own mouth! Do it? Pretty please?

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