Princess Ellie Idol & Princess Kaelin – Poppers JOI

Princess Ellie Idol & Princess Kaelin - Poppers JOI

Two gorgeous dominatrix’s Princess Ellie Idol and Princess Kaelin (aka Kaelin Blake) mindfuck you to do their bidding in this sensually dominating but non humiliating Femdom POV ‘Forced Intox JOI’ clip. They are so gorgeous wearing sexy revealing mini dresses and high heels that shows off their tit cleavage, perfect legs, and their round firm asses. Their beauty will enchant you and their demanding sweet voice’s instructing you to get high sniffing poppers will mesmerize you until you are so fucking intoxicated and jerking off for these young sexy Dommes. Will they let you cum? No Sex. No nudity. No humiliation – sensual domination

Princess Ellie Idol says:
“You’re ready for poppers play aren’t you? My hot girlfriend Kaelin is over and we want to get you wasted! With bodies like ours to jerk to and timed sniffs you’ll be intoxicated in no time. You’re addicted to the rush! Sniff and stroke, sniff and stroke! Bring yourself to the edge but don’t go over. We say WHEN and IF you cum. Co-Starring: Princess Kaelin”

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