Princess Ellie – Poppers Game Part 2

Princess Ellie - Poppers Game Part 2

Femdom Princess Ellie Idol wants to get you fucked up on poppers while you wear a chastity cage for her in this POV coerced intox fantasy. She is on her couch wearing a tight red minidress and wedge heels – you will eat your own cum if you follow her instructions. No nudity. No sex

“Now if you’ve completed the first part 10 times, you are allowed to watch this. Congratulations if you’ve made it this far! Watching this clip, you’ll be allowed to remove your chastity device. In this clip you’ll continue with your poppers until you’re so wasted, and edge yourself until I give you the cum countdown. In the end you eat your big tasty load for me!”

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Princess Ellie – Poppers Game Part 2.mp4

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