Princess Kaelin – You Can’t Stop Paying My Ass

Princess Kaelin - You Can't Stop Paying My Ass

Princess Kaelin Hello my little ass addict, back again, on your knees, ready to worship. And you know as well as I do what my ass really wants. My ass wants your wallet completely empty, it wants you broke. My ass craves your financial destruction. Just stare at it, it’s so perfect. My creamy skin will melt your mind. My ass is so seductive, it’s so good at teasing you out of your cash. It’s so good at controlling your mind. And you’re so addicted, aren’t you?It’s so obvious how addicted you are. You are an addicted little ass addict and my ass is going to take it all from you. My ass deserves more than you can ever pay. So you’re going to have to keep paying and paying it. Knowing that you will never pay off the debt for the view that you do not deserve. You know that, don’t you loser? You know that you’re going to empty your bank account for my ass. You have a compulsion to do it now, don’t you? Go ahead, pay my perfect ass. Nothing else feels as good. Nothing else can compare than emptying yourself for an ass this perfect. You’re addicted to the feeling. You just can’t help but pay my perfect ass. Nothing will ever compare, nothing will ever stop this cycle. You’re gonna keep spending. You’re gonna keep blowing paycheck after paycheck, load after load, for my hot, young ass. And do you know why you can’t stop? Because when you’re stroking, and paying and cumming to my ass, it feels better than sex, it feels better than anything. My ass is perfection and you are just addicted to draining your wallet as you mindlessly jerk and stare at it. And you fucking love it. You more than love it, you live for this, for this rush. You fucking need it. So open your wallet loser. You know the more you spend the bigger your orgasm. You know it. I know it. You’re so fucked.

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