Princess Kaylynn – I Am God And You Live To Serve Me

Princess Kaylynn - I Am God And You Live To Serve Me

Princess KaylynnI am the only true God and I control you with my words. You are my slave for life and there is nothing you can do about it. I know how perfect I am. And I know that you cant resist. Isnt that right? My lips, my words and my voice rule you. And youre so lucky to have such a perfect God. You worship every inch of me. I rule you with my perfect princess pussy. You will always be my slave. You will love to spoil me and make me rich. I am God, Kaylynn is God, and Kaylynn owns you. I Kaylynn own you for the rest of your life. You will never be able to get away, will you?I am so perfect, you live for me, live to see me, live to hear my voice. You need me. Im an addiction you cannot break free of. I am your drug. You live for each fix. You know you belong beneath me. You belong right here. I am God and I control you to get what I want. You will live without to make me happy. You will do without to make sure I have everything. And thats the way it will always be. Isnt that right? You are nothing but my puppet. I own you with my high heels and my sexy body. Just drool over it. This is the ass you live for.You worship it. You lust for it. You cant stop thinking about it. I own you, my ass owns you. I am God and you will worship all of me. You are my manipulated little slave. And I get everything I want. Isnt that right?God gets everything she wants. And as my slave it is your job to make sure I get everything and Ill take it if I need to, wont I? Ill do so effortlessly. And youll never have me. Perfection would never want a loser like you. You will give me everything so that I can enjoy my perfect life. You love knowing that you serve me and only me. And you belong right where you are, beneath me.

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