Princess Lexie – Liquid Gold Tease

Princess Lexie - Liquid Gold Tease

It’s funny how there’s this part of you that still tries to resist Me…you try to resist My body, My power, My ass. But we both know that the minute you see My shiny liquid gold leggings, that resistance is out of the question. you can’t get enough of My teasing, My body swaying, dancing across your screen, totally fucking with your mind.

lol…it’s just so fun teasing loser boys like you! I love using My body to get whatever I want from you. It’s like I was born to tease you, I’m just SO good at it, aren’t I? How could you EVER resist this tight body in these sexy, shiny, liquid gold leggings? you can’t, so stop trying. Just click, pay, jerk. that’s what you losers were born to do!

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