Princess Lexie – The Bet (Part 2)

Princess Lexie - The Bet (Part 2)

I’m dressed in a top and shorts, and I tell you that I enjoyed our last bet & want to make another. I explain that this time Ive got several g-strings underneath My shorts. The bet is this: Ill tease you with My ass again, slowly removing each g-string & you must not get hard. I order you to strip naked so that I can see any movement your dick makes. This time Ive got a cake for the loser. If you get hard, Ill invite your m(o)m in to put the cake in your face. If you win, then Ill put the cake in My own face. While teasing you, I grab My ass and spank it over and over, because I know this is what drives you crazy. When I get down to My last g-string, you’re still not hard. Determined to avoid the cake in My own face, I pull My last g-string to just below My ass and do a 10 second countdown while spanking My bare ass. This proves to be too much. Pulling the g-string back up & putting the shorts on again, I’m delighted to see that I’ve won again. I say how embarrassing it’ll be when your m(o)m sees you naked & hard &, how Ill enjoy seeing her put the cake in your face.

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