Princess Lyne – Blue Balled Into the New Year (Week 9)

Princess Lyne - Blue Balled Into the New Year (Week 9)

You’ve been edging all week long.. watching My clips twice a day, getting yourself so worked up and stopped on the count of 3. You’ve been dying for this video, to be allowed to release those aching blue balls of yours. But some of you didn’t follow the directions in the initial clip. I wanted TRIBUTES. I wanted your balls FULL OF CUM and I wanted you desperate for release.. so desperate that you would send Me a little extra money, buy something off My wishlist, etc.. Some of you did, some of you didn’t. I wanted you to entice Me by sending something extra and in turn I would reward you… now let’s see what happens in the follow up clip. The choice is ultimately yours. Do you want more denial? Or do you want to cum? I leave the choice to you (well kinda)!

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