Princess Lyne – Edge for Me pt 1

Princess Lyne - Edge for Me pt 1

Know you love being on the edge for Me following along with all My edging games. This is the first clip in a series where I set you on an EDGING SCHEDULE. You will follow My instructions, edging to Me multiple times per day, for as long as I wish. And you will love every second of it, I know you will. you LIVE to edge for Me, you live to have that cock controlled by yours truly. you cant get enough of it, can you? I ease you into the series in this clip, but dont even think Im taking it easy on you in this first part. I allow you to stroke and then make you stop and I even allow you to finger your own butthole for Me. And you MUST follow along, My little edging addict. So sit back, and get ready to frustratingly stroke that cock for Me. This is going to be so much fun for both of us!

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Princess Lyne – Edge for Me pt 1.m4v

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