Princess Lyne – Edge for Me pt 2

Princess Lyne - Edge for Me pt 2

It’s the highlight of your entire existence to edge to Me. I know by this point you’re desperate to cum to one of My clips, aren’t you? But is that what you REALLY want? I’m not sure it is I think you’re a bit conflicted. you like stroking to Me, being teased by Me, but as much as you want to cum you REALLY crave the frustration. Now go ahead and start stroking steady and slow. Feels good, doesn’t it? It feels so good that from here on out, whenever you think of Me, I want you to edge to Me. That’s right.. every single time you think of Me.. for 10 straight minutes you’re going to edge for Me. And if you’re REALLY lucky, I might even allow you a release just this once before the endless edging begins. Let’s hope you’re lucky! hahaha

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