Princess Lyne – Edge for Me pt 3

Princess Lyne - Edge for Me pt 3

I’m back to keep you sexually frustrated with part 3 of the series. you know how lucky you are to be stroking to My sexy body, don’t you? Of course you do and you love it so much. you CRAVE edging your cock to My sexy curvy body. This time there’s a twist every time you get TOO close to cumming, I want you to smack your dick! Let that dick know its acting up! We need you conditioned to be the best little edging addict EVER. It turns Me on to have so many of you little addicts so worked up, helpless and full of cum for ME. The power is exhilarating! Now keep edging for Me stroke your cock thrust your cock into your Not too fast you need to be careful! Or else..

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